Education And Capacity Building

Training & Capacity Building Modules for Urban managers, Engineers, Planners
A .Training Module 1 on Integration of Heritage Resources into Cities, Towns and Villages Planning
IHCNF has developed a training module for urban manager, Planners and Engineers of Karnataka. Through this training modules on Integration of Heritage Resources into Cities, Towns and Village planning, IHCNF is keen on disseminating these modules through capacity-building programmes in various Indian states. The fundamental aim of this Training Module is to sensitize and build the capacity of urban local bodies (ULBs), including urban managers, planners, engineers and architects, about the importance of heritage in the context of sustainable urban development and enhance their knowledge about tools for the protection, use and management of heritage structures and areas.
B.Training Module 2 on Preparation of Heritage Resource Management Plan (HRMP)
IHCNF has prepared a training Module for Preparation of Heritage Resource Management Plan to address the need for developing appropriate strategies for management of the diverse urban heritage of historic cities and towns in Karnataka. The manual gives an insight what is HRMP and why it is needed for the protection and conservation of heritage cities and towns. The purpose of this manual is to aid architects and urban planners in preparing Heritage Management Plans for historic cities and towns. It would be useful for government officials involved in heritage management, as well as institutions/ organizations and other parastatals who are involved in heritage management of the city.
Heritage Home Owner’s Manual for repair and maintenance of heritage houses in Mysore City

The Homeowner’s Manual for Repair and Maintenance for Mysuru’s heritage city is a practical guide for rehabilitating, retrofitting, renovating, reconstructing, and maintaining traditional houses. This manual explains techniques which are needed for the repairs, restoration, and maintenance of heritage houses in Mysuru. This manual provides knowledge of the conservation process to help homeowners understand the values of their houses and proper ways of conservation, such as ‘what that should be conserved’ and ‘how to plan and undertake conservation work’. This manual is made available to the owners of heritage houses in Mysuru heritage district, conservation architects, contractors, planners and government officers involved in making decisions on repairing, renovating, reconstructing, or maintaining houses in Mysuru.

Toolkit for Evaluation of Master Plan
A toolkit to help evaluate a City’s Master Plan for integration of heritage resources has been developed by IHCNF for the Town Planning Department, Government of Karnataka as a standard reference document to be used by various assessors evaluating the Master Plan of different cities. The toolkit will address the need for assessing the existing master plans, which lays the foundation for the planning and development of a city, in order to ensure heritage resources are addressed in the Master Plan. This toolkit is meant for use of government officials and professionals to enable them to understand the importance of addressing heritage in the city Masterplan.
Survey templates for the listing of natural, cultural, tangible and intangible heritage.
IHCNF has developed survey templates for listing of tangible heritage, arts/handicraft, festival and other regular traditional events and performing arts. A user guide has been developed to guide filling of survey templates for listing heritage. The user guide provides a simplified explanation on how to fill the survey sheets while identifying and listing Heritage.


IHCNF got registered as a Trust on 27th March 2009 establishing it as an independent Indian organization. Its secretariat was initially set up in Mysore, Karnataka with the support of Government of Karnataka.

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