Heritage Resource Management Plans

10 Heritage Villages in Karnataka

IHCNF has been entrusted with the preparation of HRMP’s for 10 heritage villages for the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department. The basic purpose of the HRMP is to conserve the culture of these villages, identify threats to the same and work out mechanisms for its protection and enhancement while enhancing tourism, resource strengthening of the village and employment generation. The reconnaissance survey of 10 villages of Banavasi, Belligavi, Aihole, Halebeedu, Melukote, Nagavi, Sannati, Lakkundi, Malkhed, and Talakkad started in June 2016 has combined the findings during the visits with research on various topics related to the history, geography, architecture, infrastructure, hopes and aspirations of the people during the visits to these villages. Conducting stakeholder consultation, capacity building programme for elected members and village officials, mason’s training workshop, and village branding are other components of the project. The Karnataka government has made budgetary provisions for the implementation of development projects in these villages.

Bikaner, Rajasthan

The IHCNF team initiated the work on mapping and listing of a tangible and intangible heritage of Bikaner in August 2016 to document the fast disappearing rich heritage and to support its conservation and protection by generating public awareness and to support tourism. The Bikaner city fabric with its historic core (a walled city with Haveli architecture) as well as the fort, palaces, and water resources in terms of wells, batches and lakes, religious buildings and rural excursions have been marked as major heritage/tourism assets to the city. Work on identifying the infrastructure gaps and documentation of different types of heritage in town was carried out along with identification of preliminary shelf of Heritage based infrastructure projects.

Dungarpur, Rajasthan

The IHCNF technical team initiated the work on mapping and listing of a tangible and intangible heritage of Dungarpur in April 2016. IHCNF took up the preparation of Heritage Management Plan for the city including Data collection, mapping of heritage precincts and sites, identification of Heritage related infrastructure projects and identification of financial resources through various schemes/financial institutions. A stakeholder consultation meeting under the Chairmanship of District Collector of Dungarpur was held in December 2016 which led to the finalization of a shelf of heritage infrastructure projects and the HRMP.

Bidar, Srirangapatna and Udupi

IHCNF has undertaken the preparation of HRMP for the 3 historic cities in an effort to preserve and maintain the cultural and traditional values of the area while appropriating local cultural resources for present and future demands of the growing cities. The primary aim of the HRMP is to highlight the cultural and natural, significance of local planning area of the respective cities and to identify the heritage resource of the town which could be harnessed in the right way catering to the regional development. List of projects has been identified for short-term, medium term and long term implementation along with a set of recommendations and suggestions for management of heritage areas in these cities.


IHCNF got registered as a Trust on 27th March 2009 establishing it as an independent Indian organization. Its secretariat was initially set up in Mysore, Karnataka with the support of Government of Karnataka.

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