Toolkits and Training Modules
1.A. Heritage DPR toolkit was prepared by UNESCO-IHCNF to assist ULB’s to recognize the nature and potential of heritage in their cities and in the selection of appropriate heritage projects in tandem with growth and development of the city. Explains the step by step process for preparing a Heritage DPR.

B. Toolkit to evaluate the City’s Master Plan for integration of heritage resources has been developed by IHCNF for the Town Planning Department, Government of Karnataka as a standard reference document to be used by various assessors evaluating the Master Plan of different cities.

2. Training Modules developed by IHCNF to sensitize and build the capacity of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), including urban managers, planners, engineers, and architects, about the importance of heritage in the context of sustainable urban development and enhance their knowledge about tools for the protection, use and management of heritage structures and areas.
Inheritance is the monthly newsletter of IHCNF which has been conceived as a reflection of the activities and efforts of the IHCN Network’s secretariat and the IHCN members and to generate awareness and strengthen the heritage-based, sustainable urban development initiatives undertaken by the urban authorities, institutions, NGOs, and individuals.
Walk Into The Microcosm Of Jaipur
This paper provides an analysis of the urban heritage of Jaipur, both tangible and intangible along with a proposal for a Heritage Walk through Chowkri Modi Khana Challenges for heritage, conservation recommendations for action are also provided for the municipal and the State authorities towards a more heritage-centric urban development.
For the Living Heritage City of Udaipur
This paper documents Udaipur’s core heritage assets, both tangible and intangible, and explores a vision for a planned growth through the example of proposed heritage walk in Bhattiyani Chowhatta which can serve as a model case to guide our reflection on heritage based urban renewal.
The IHCN website aims to create a medium for exchanging information, showcasing best practices, highlighting events, presenting different viewpoints, offering new ideas and discussing the problems and challenges related to the preservation, management and sustainable use of urban heritage.
Conference Proceedings

IHCNF has published conference proceedings from various international conferences since its inception most recently.


IHCNF got registered as a Trust on 27th March 2009 establishing it as an independent Indian organization. Its secretariat was initially set up in Mysore, Karnataka with the support of Government of Karnataka.

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